Sources for Manuscripts of Targumic Literature

Sources for Manuscripts of Targumic Literature in Public Collections
Selective Bibliography: Catalogues

compiled by
Willem Smelik (1992)


1  Introduction
2  General bibliography
    2.1  Private Collections
    2.2  Auctions
    2.3  Geniza Research
3  Austria
    3.1  General information
    3.2  Vienna
4  Belgium
    4.1  General
    4.2  Brussel
    4.3  Gent
    4.4  Liège
5  Bulgaria
6  Brasil
    6.1  Buenos Aires
7  Canada
    7.1  General
8  Czechoslowakia
    8.1  General
    8.2  Olomouc
    8.3  Prague
9  Denmark
    9.1  Copenhagen
10  Egypt
    10.1  Caï ro
    10.2  Mount Sinai
11  Finland
    11.1  Helsinki
12  France
    12.1  General bibliography
    12.2  Amiens
    12.3  Arras
    12.4  Avignon
    12.5  Besançon
    12.6  Bordeaux
    12.7  Caen
    12.8  Cannes
    12.9  Carpentras
    12.10  Cavaillon
    12.11  Cluny
    12.12  Langres
    12.13  Le Mans
    12.14  Lille
    12.15  Lyons
    12.16  Marseilles
    12.17  Melun
    12.18  Montpellier
    12.19  Nî mes
    12.20  Paris
        12.20.1  Bibliothèque Nationale
        12.20.2  Bibliothèque de l'Alliance israélite
        12.20.3  Other libraries in Paris
    12.21  Poitiers
    12.22  Reims
    12.23  Rouen
    12.24  Strassbourg
    12.25  Troyes
13  Germany
    13.1  General bibliography
    13.2  Augsburg
    13.3  Bamberg
    13.4  Berlin
    13.5  Bonn
    13.6  Braunschweig.
    13.7  Danzig
    13.8  Dresden
    13.9  Erlangen
    13.10  Frankfurt am Main
    13.11  Fulda
    13.12  St. Gallen
    13.13  Giessen
    13.14  Gotha
    13.15  Göttingen
    13.16  Halle
    13.17  Hamburg
    13.18  Hannover
    13.19  Heidelberg
    13.20  Hofen/Aalen
    13.21  Jena
    13.22  Karlsruhe
    13.23  Kiel
    13.24  Koblenz
    13.25  Köln - Cologne
    13.26  Königsberg
    13.27  Kues
    13.28  Leipzig
    13.29  Meiningen
    13.30  München - Munich
    13.31  Münster
    13.32  Neurenberg
    13.33  Paderborn
    13.34  Pappenheim
    13.35  Pommersfelden
    13.36  Regensburg
    13.37  Rostock
    13.38  St. Ottilien
    13.39  Schweinfurt
    13.40  Siegburg
    13.41  Stuttgart
    13.42  Trier
    13.43  Tübingen
    13.44  Weimar
    13.45  Wernigerode
    13.46  Wiesbaden
    13.47  Wolfenbüttel
    13.48  Worms
    13.49  Würzburg
14  Greece
    14.1  Athens
15  Hungary
    15.1  Budapest
16  Ireland
    16.1  Dublin
17  Israel
    17.1  Jerusalem
18  Italy
    18.1  General bibliography
    18.2  Bergamo
    18.3  Bologna
    18.4  Cava Dei Tirreni
    18.5  Catania
    18.6  Cesena
    18.7  Ferrara
    18.8  Firenze - Florence
    18.9  Genova - Genoa
    18.10  Grosseto
    18.11  Grottaferrata
    18.12  Imola
    18.13  Livorno - Leghorn
    18.14  Mantova - Mantua
    18.15  Milano
    18.16  Modena
    18.17  Monte Cassino
    18.18  Montefiascona
    18.19  Monte Oliveto Maggiori
    18.20  Napoli - Naples
    18.21  Nizza
    18.22  Padova -Padua
    18.23  Palermo
    18.24  Parma
    18.25  Pavia
    18.26  Perugia
    18.27  Pescocostanzo
    18.28  Piacenza
    18.29  Pisa
    18.30  Prato
    18.31  Reggio Emilia
    18.32  Rieti
    18.33  Rome
    18.34  Rovigo
    18.35  Savona
    18.36  Siena
    18.37  Taranto
    18.38  Turin
    18.39  Udine
    18.40  Venice
    18.41  Veroli
    18.42  Verona
    18.43  Vicenza
19  Kroatia
    19.1  Dubrownik
20  Luxembourg
21  The Netherlands
    21.1  General
    21.2  Amsterdam
    21.3  Groningen
    21.4  The Hague
    21.5  Kampen
    21.6  Leeuwarden
    21.7  Leiden
    21.8  Utrecht
22  Poland
    22.1  General bibliography
    22.2  Wroclaw - Breslau
23  Portugal
    23.1  General bibliography
    23.2  Coimbra
24  Rumania
25  Russia
    25.1  General bibliography
    25.2  Erevan
    25.3  Moscow
    25.4  Odessa
    25.5  St. Petersburg
    25.6  Tiflis
26  South Africa
    26.1  Johannesburg
27  Spain
    27.1  General bibliography
    27.2  Alcala de Henares
    27.3  Barcelona
    27.4  Burgos
    27.5  Calahorra
    27.6  Catalan
    27.7  Cervera
    27.8  Dalmasis
    27.9  Gerona
    27.10  Huesca
    27.11  Madrid
    27.12  Montserrat
    27.13  Palma de Mallorca
    27.14  Pamplona
    27.15  Salamanca
    27.16  San Cugat des Valles
    27.17  San Lorenzio de Escorial
    27.18  Sevilla - Seville
    27.19  Tanger
    27.20  Tarazona
    27.21  Toledo
    27.22  Tudela
    27.23  Valencia
    27.24  Valladolid
    27.25  Vich
    27.26  Zaragoza - Saragossa
28  Sweden
    28.1  Göteborg
    28.2  Lund
    28.3  Skara
    28.4  Stockholm
    28.5  Uppsala
29  Switzerland
    29.1  General
    29.2  Basel
    29.3  Bern
    29.4  Genève
    29.5  St. Gallen
    29.6  Winterthur
    29.7  Zurich
30  Syria
    30.1  Aleppo
31  Turkey
    31.1  Istanbul - Constantinopel
32  United Kingdom
    32.1  General
    32.2  Birmingham
    32.3  Cambridge
    32.4  Leeds
    32.5  Liverpool
    32.6  London
        32.6.1  British Library
        32.6.2  Other libraries in London
    32.7  Manchester
    32.8  Oxford
    32.9  Salisbury
    32.10  Scotland
        32.10.1  Aberdeen
        32.10.2  Edinburgh
        32.10.3  Glasgow
        32.10.4  St. Andrews
33  USA
    33.1  General Bibliography
    33.2  Alberta
    33.3  Albany
    33.4  Ann Arbor (Michigan)
    33.5  Baldwin (Kansas)
    33.6  Baltimore (Maryland)
    33.7  Berkeley (California)
    33.8  Bloomington (Indiana)
    33.9  Boston (Massachusets)
    33.10  Brooklyn (New York)
    33.11  Buffalo (New York)
    33.12  Cambridge (Massachusets)
    33.13  Chicago (Illinois)
    33.14  Cincinnati (Ohio)
    33.15  Evanston
    33.16  Hartford (Connecticut)
    33.17  Harvard
    33.18  Haverford (Pennsylvania)
    33.19  Houston (Texas)
    33.20  Ithaca (New York)
    33.21  Los Angeles (California)
    33.22  Michigan
    33.23  New Haven (Connecticut)
    33.24  New York City (New York)
        33.24.1  Columbia University Library
        33.24.2  Jewish Theological Seminary of America
        33.24.3  Other libraries in New York City
    33.25  Notre Dame (Indiana)
    33.26  Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
    33.27  Princeton (New Jersey)
    33.28  San Francisco (California)
    33.29  St. Meinrad (Indiana)
    33.30  Washington (Columbia District)
    33.31  Urbana (Illinois)
34  Vatican City State
    34.1  General bibliography
    34.2  Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

1  Introduction

This is an eclectical list of catalogues of libraries and private collections housing Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts, as found in library collections. It goes without saying that the primus inter pares of catalogues is the card catalogue at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.1 Nonetheless, older catalogues remain valuable. The present list has made extensive use of earlier guides and compilations, mainly Pearson's Oriental Manuscripts and Gabrieli's Manoscritti e carte orientali , and it should be updated in view of Richler's Guide to Hebrew Manuscript Collections as it was compiled in 1992. However, it is only intended as a source of information to be used alongside Richler's invaluable guide. This list is not intended for publication. Thanks are due to prof. dr. W. Baars and to prof. dr. J.C. de Moor for their kind and valuable suggestions.

The entries have been distributed according to nation and location. Catalogues covering more than one library are listed separately, with references in the entry of the location. Due to the eclectic nature, as well as slow growth of this list, there are many bibliographical inconsistencies to be noted, for which I apologise.

Readers are kindly invited to send their comments on this list to

It is hoped that the list will soon be updated. For further information, see and

2  General bibliography

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    2.1  Private Collections

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    2.2  Auctions

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    2.3  Geniza Research

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    3  Austria

    3.1  General information

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    3.2  Vienna

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    4  Belgium

    4.1  General

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    4.2  Brussel

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    4.3  Gent

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    4.4  Liège

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    5  Bulgaria

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    Text both Bulgarian and English.

    6  Brasil

    6.1  Buenos Aires

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    7  Canada

    7.1  General

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    National Library of Canada (no TJN; otherwise interesting MSS).

    The McGill University houses many MSS.

    8  Czechoslowakia

    8.1  General

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    Discusses the history of oriental studies in Czechoslovakia.

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    Almost identical to the former item.

    8.2  Olomouc

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    2 Hebrew MSS.

    8.3  Prague

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    16 MSS. There are also Hebrew MSS in the National Library (Národní a universitní knihovna) and in the Bibliotheca Strahoviensis (Památník národního písemnictví) in Prague. Also see Olomouc. The Bibliotheca Strahoviensis has been used by the communist regime to show the victory of communism (see B.Büch, Bibliotheken. Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1984, 79-86.

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    9  Denmark

    9.1  Copenhagen

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    Description of 48 MSS, 15 later additions catalogued on slips. A new catalogue is in preparation or may have been published. Pearson mentions 211 MSS in the Royal Library, but also that the Institute in Jerusalem has photographed 244 MSS there!

    10  Egypt

    10.1  Caï ro

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    10.2  Mount Sinai

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    11  Finland

    11.1  Helsinki

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    5 Syriac, 2 Hebrew MSS. One item contains several books of the Prophets, without any further description, owned by the Jewish Congregation in Helsinki.

    12  France

    12.1  General bibliography

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    23.1  General bibliography

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    25.1  General bibliography

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    34.1  General bibliography

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